Recreational Cannabis Reviews

Welcome to Recreational420, where we give you the most in depth recreational cannabis reviews as efficiently as possible. What makes me think I can make the claim of having the most in depth recreational cannabis reviews? It’s simple, I take my time. While some cannabis reviews can be straight forward others might not be. Did you know that the average high last between 2-5 hours typically? Did you also know that at any point during that time the effect you’re experiencing could change? I’ve had some of the products I’ve tried change on me up to 2 hours into the high, so I feel it is important to give you a complete evaluation and that’s why some of my reviews take days to finish. Another big difference is that I do what I consider to be recreational cannabis product reviews VS the typical “strain review “. What’s the difference and why should you care? Once again, the answer is simple, product reviews consider that everything from light source to nutrients to cure influence the finished product. Meaning that you could buy the same strain from 5 different growers and get 5 different highs. Those little details make a world of difference and if you’re new to recreational cannabis use and don’t really have the time to dig into all that is cannabis it might take you years to learn and cause you hundreds of unfavorable experiences or even worse you have one bad evening and decide recreational cannabis is not for you. I feel that in 10 years the idea of a bowl or dab before a night out on the town won’t seem so out of place and I just want to do what I feel is my part to help advance that culture. There are also smoke sessions, grower/processor facility tours, interviews with artist and musicians and more content is always in the works. As states increasingly legalize recreational cannabis I hope to become the place where the newbie feels at home and the connoisseur has an audience. Together we will make cannabis as normal as wine! New reviews go live on on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 12pm PST. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday catch me live at 6pm PST Subcribe and turn on notifications for updates on new content!